BLOG #1 – A Little Bit About Myself

Hello readers my name is Jenny Alaisa. Most people who’s names are Jenny are just a shortened version of the name “Jennifer” but interestingly enough for me that’s really my first name. I am a full time student and I hopefully plan on transferring to the University of South Florida next semester. My hobbies include going to the gym, making creative videos, hibernating, and hanging out with friends. I have two small dogs that I refer to as my sons and they’re basically the true children in my family. Personality wise I like to be the goofball of the group and make people laugh and smile. I love to travel and take a lot of pictures and videos so most likely this will be a lifestyle/travel blog. It’ll revolve around the things I do within the week whether it be through pictures or my creative videos. I can’t wait to see the progress that will have grown in this blog by the end of this semester and I’m ready to go on the journey. Feel free to comment if you have an questions or maybe even something we have in common! We’ll figure it out throughout the course and my posts.

Thank you for reading,

Jenny Alaisa

One thought on “BLOG #1 – A Little Bit About Myself

  1. Hello Jenny! We have a lot in common! I too am a full time student and am also transferring to USF next semester! I refer to my dog as my daughter and call myself a dog mom, and literally everyone looks at me like I am crazy! My blog will also contain my lifestyle and travel. Cant wait to see what you post! Have a great semester!


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