BLOG #2 – Future Interview

Someone that I would love to interview:

It would be nice to interview a person in the media production field. Either it be from movies or TV shows. I’m fascinated with what goes on behind the scene so maybe the editors who edit the films. A few specific questions I would probably ask are how long on average do these projects tend to run and what software is the most used software engine used in mass media production so I myself can get myself used to it since I’m interesting in entering the multimedia field in the future.Are there any certain qualifications I should try to accomplish beforehand? Simple questions like those are the ones I’d for sure ask someone in the business since I’m sure they know what to do at that point in their life since they made it there’s as well. Then possibly some follow up questions to learn more about that particular individual on how they go into film making. I love hearing what inspires others to do what they do.

One thought on “BLOG #2 – Future Interview

  1. Hey Jenny! I myself likes the “behind the scene” of a particular “movie” or even music videos. I like how you incorporated certain aspects of mass communications into your post. “Mass media production” is something that I have been intrigued by, looking at different directors and producers works. Thanks for sharing, I really liked reading your post very cool!


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