Blog #3 – Interview Questions

Alwin Zapanta isn’t just your average 20-year old. He was born and raised in the Philippines but later came to the U.S. when he had just started middle school. Just barely knowing a few words in English and still having a strong native accent at the time as well, it was a long and dragging process to get to where he is right now. Currently he’s been working for Publix for 2-3 years and is hoping to pass his nursing exam so he can be a certified nurse like his father. Throughout these struggles of adapting to his new life in the U.S. he has still persevered and with his award-winning attitude and nothing seemed to get in his way, getting the job done whatever it is.

Questions :

  • What made you want to start working as soon as you got the chance to?
  • Do you feel like you have enough time for yourself and your mental health?
  • What makes Publix such a great company to work for that you’ve stayed for so many years?
  • Do you miss the Philippines and would you go back if you had the chance?
  • Do you still speak fluent in your native tongue?
  • What was the hardest thing to adapt to in the U.S. ?
  • How would you say your life is now in the U.S. ?

One thought on “Blog #3 – Interview Questions

  1. Hey Alwin,
    This is one of those stories that serves as a humility check, reminding me the importance of being grateful for growing up when I did, where I did. It’s nice to incorporate stories with a fresh perspective, featuring people of different backgrounds and cultures. There is the Filipino culture in America versus tradition that stems from growing up in the Philippines. It’s neat that you had an opportunity to sit down with a young, driven individual is keeping a version of the American dream alive. I’ve noticed in some cultures, there is a definite lean toward working to live compared to living to work. Regardless, sounds like a cool piece with a unique spin!


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