Blog #4 – Interview Preparation

For my interview I selected a college student whose name is Alwin Zapanta. The reason behind why I selected him as the candidate for my interview was because I appreciate a hard worker. Someone who really put in the effort into whatever is it that they’re doing and works for it and that is Alwin. Working an average of 30 hours a week at Publix and isn’t even full time is crazy to think about. I know he gets his days off but most people would take those days to rest and relax until the next shift but that’s not Alwin. From the sound of it he’s always on the move and is doing something almost every day. Either it be plans or he just gets out of the house in general not knowing what to do but he’s still out and about. It amazes me how much energy someone can have and not seem to ever get tired.

Some difficulties I found was really just scheduling. Since I am a full-time student and I work as well it was hard to find a time we were both off. This sounds super hypocritical but I was as well already just exhausted from just doing my own thing which involved both school and work. And like I said that hypocritical because here again we see Alwin doing an average of 30 hours a week and doesn’t seem to get tired in general. So, I had to step up my game and really commit to getting this interview done and making sure I had a clear well set up date for this interview whether I was tired or not.

2 thoughts on “Blog #4 – Interview Preparation

  1. Hello Jenny. One of the more difficult moments from my interview was setting up a time with my interviewee. I interviewed a popular youtuber who is very busy and has a tight schedule. It took us almost two weeks to set up a 20 minuet interview! So I can definitely agree and understand you there.

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  2. Hi Jenny. I definitely find this interview idea interesting. I think to interview a student like us who can tell his opinion on how the life of a full-time student who is also a part-time worker is. I think it is encouraging to everyone who struggles to do good at school while also having to work long hours. This interview will show that it is possible and that it is a matter of managing your time. Look forward to reading this interview.


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