Blog #5 – Story Focus Sheet

I’m sure we all know about some type of trend that’s come and gone amongst the years. Saying we’ve had just a handful of those is an understatement. Some trends were for a good cause, some were just for pure giggles. And then there’s those few that can actually cause some real damage to yourself personally.There is a recent trend going around that’s stayed within a year to two and that is electronic smoking which is more commonly known as vaping.

As of recently there have been at LEAST 500 illnesses relating to this “healthier smoking alternative” known as vaping. It is most common in teens and college kids since they are the ones with direct access and are actually interested in this electronic version of puffs in order to create cool effects with only your mouth. Also supporting that statement is because most people who were found with this illness were teens and young adults.

3 thoughts on “Blog #5 – Story Focus Sheet

  1. Hey Jenny, I think it’s a great topic for a informational news story. Of course we did get some help going over it already in class! I like your introduction and your overall approach. It seems there are so many new trends made public and popular on social media platforms. There is a sense that many e-cigarette smokers use the Jul’s and other products because they truly believe it is a safer alternative; it seems that is what all of us were lead to believe at first. The statistics at the end really bring the focus questions home. It has a purpose and certainly has both timeliness and proximity.


  2. Hey Jenny, this is a popular topic now a days. It’s so crazy how this was first started to help out people who had nicotine addiction stray away from cigarettes. But this seems to be the new “cigarette” of today. Teens are more addicted to this than adults. Teens barely even try out cigarettes first, they go straight into vaping and act like its safer and not as addictive.


  3. This is a great topic to blog on because society tends to get caught up in itself a lot of the time. This is trending throughout so many schools and it is really sad. Companies cater to the teens knowing they will buy the product. They make money off of hurting children. Vaping is not safe for anyone and should be treated seriously.


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