Blog #6 – Ybor City

I’ve always been interested in that area of Tampa. I’ve gone there a handful of times and I’ve always been intrigued by the whole atmosphere there. Most buildings in the Ybor area are either shops, cafes, or sometimes even closed buildings waiting to be occupied once again. I’ve always been into places that look kinda run down you could say because to me that means it has a lot of history and I know for sure that Ybor is one of those places. A lot of things are held their annually like pride festivals, theaters, clubs and even concerts. There’s a lot of shops there where you can dine and even go to a club which is mostly found in that area from what I remember when walking around. It’s for sure a night life scene area on Friday nights and probably on the weekends as well. In all just the whole vibe and feeling I get from that place is like no other and I really like it whenever I’m down there. I know there’s so much history behind that place and I’m just even more excited to find that out later on.

4 thoughts on “Blog #6 – Ybor City

  1. Hey Jenny! Your article was interesting. I love how you focused on the place where we go to school. In fact, I doubted Ybor City very much before starting school here, and ironically, I love it so much. It has a very friendly, historic atmosphere even though some people will focus on the negative.


  2. I completely agree with this! Ybor is packed with so much history, and I was also thinking about exploring the city for my service learning post. I usually only partake in the night life, but I’d enjoy seeing a different side of Ybor. And fortunately, our school is located smack in the middle of the city, which will make it easier to venture out and find historical landmarks.


  3. Hi Jenny!

    I’ve also always loved Ybor because of the aesthetic appeal and history of the city! It has a much different vibe to any city or town I’ve visited, and every building seems interesting regardless of whether it’s a small shop. The pictures you inserted were a really nice touch as well and highlight how pretty it is there. I’m excited to see your full assignment!


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