Blog #7 – Photojournalism

Like my previous post I would like to know more about Ybor in general. I’ve always been into run down cities that have graffiti on the sides of the buildings or even small sandwich shops. Ybor is that and even more from the looks of it. There’s so much history behind it that I don’t believe we’ve even scratched the surface of it yet. Like some of us we attend the HCC campus in Ybor and if you want to grab a quick bite in that area you sometimes come across metal post signs. Most of the times we don’t even take the time to read those signs that have little background information of what you’re passing by and that right there is the history itself of the place. I love to travel yet I’ve never taken the time to really understand the places I live close by that I think it’s time to really see what Tampa is about. And to begin with my mission I think Ybor is a pretty good place to start and unravel all the secrets within its brick walls.

3 thoughts on “Blog #7 – Photojournalism

  1. I think Ybor is a great place to talk about. There is so much history in our city. I do agree with you, we definitely haven’t even scratched the surface of the history yet! When I’m in Ybor, I don’t take the time to even read all of the historical signs or know everything about Ybor. There is a lot I’m missing out on for sure. I think a blog post on Ybor would be something I look forward to reading!


  2. Hi Jenny. Much to your point, Ybor is an interesting city. It possesses so much interesting graffiti. It also is home to several rooster. That being said, Ybor is so eclectic. It is extremely historic, and there are so many avenues that will reveal a piece of its history.


  3. Hello Jenny! I definitely agree with the fact that sometimes we want to visit places outside of where we live, but we do not look at or explore the places we are in or have close to us. I think since Ybor is a historic city, there is a lot to see and learn about it. Also, during the weekends Ybor turns into a crazy and full of surprises city with the concerts, live music, and clubs that are there. I look forward to seeing what you get to capture of Ybor.


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